The Old Contentible's 50th
11th-13th March 2005
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Family Friendly Policy Smoking The Wedding itself It's Too Expensive! The Twist
That Name! Who are "we"? Who is Jerry Elsmore? The "Old Pals" Volunteers


Who is Jerry Elsmore?

It really doesn't matter. you're invited to come along and find out! This is an open invitation event to anyone who wants to spend a weekend playing Games. All sorts of games: Boardgames, Cardboardbox Simulation Games, Fluffy games, Free-form games, Lawn Games, Matrix games, Roleplay games and Silly games. There will even be a dollop of Wargames thrown in for good measure. Even if you don't know us, please feel free to turn up and play. All gamers are welcome, especially those who play, sing or dance in the English Tradition...

The Twist

Well, more of a Right Hand Star, Dip and Dive and Strip the Willow… In addition to Traditional English Beer, there will be Traditional English Song and Dance throughout the weekend. The Dug-Out will become the Smoke Free Real Ale Folk Bar on Friday evening. Musicians and singers are very welcome: Sharon and Jenny Langridge will be attempting to keep some sort of order. Jenny will also be the caller for the Ceilidh on Saturday evening in the Barn. That’s all that needs to be said for those in the know: if you don’t, then all you have to do is turn up and find out what you’ve been missing!